Monday, 31 July 2017

The Merbabe collection - Indy Luxe review

Now I have been extremely excited about these brushes for a good few weeks since Indy Luxe announced that they'd be releasing a new set! And needless to say they did not disappoint by keeping up with the colourful mermaid trends that are all the rage at the moment. Now I've teamed up with Indy Luxe as part of their blogging programme, so before I get into this little post I'm just going to put it out there that you can all receive 20% off on the Indy Luxe website by using the code 'REBECAELEN20'.. right then with the all the little boring bits done, lets get started. 

First impressions?

Now to say that I was excited to receive these brushes is an understatement, after seeing that the product had been shipped I sat by my front door and didn't leave my house for those 3 days (I wish this was a little dramatic over-reaction but yeah, its not.) The first thing that struck me about these gorgeous brushes were the magical colours. From a clean cut rose gold, moving onto a dazzling turquoise with an ombre affect. From that turquoise it then transitions into a rich pink. These brushes are definitely living up to their expectations. With the logo placed at the top of the brush and the brand name printed very subtly, your eyes are instantly drawn towards the details of the brush itself. With the body of the brush created and textured to look like an enchanted mermaids tail. The colours and patterns just seem to work, some would go as far as saying that they flow into each other like a mermaid through water (see what I did there?) 

The quality?

Anyway the most important part, the quality. The tips of these brushes are definitely one of the softest I've come across during my make up loving journey so far, and with that gorgeous light blue tip I can just tell that its going to be near impossible for me to actually get round to using them properly. And with the rose gold being a metal detailing you can guarantee that they're not put together at a low quality standard. Now Included within this set there are 10 brushes in total, five face brushes and five eye brushes. Perfect for a little contouring all over. 

But more important than the quality, Have I mentioned that they are also animal cruelty free and vegan friendly? I feel like these brushes really do speak for themselves and with these qualities coming in at £35 (or £28 using REBECAELEN20) there really is no reason as to why you should not treat yourself to these.. But just a little warning they may look extremely aesthetically pleasing.. and that's because they are and will definitely give you the make up brush bug as I am already looking forward to the brushes in Indy Luxe Brushes future if they continue at this standard.

Thank you for reading this post lovelies, now if you have any other questions or would like any more details about these certain brushes do not hesitate to give me a little message or comment! Here's how you can get in touch;


And don't forget to give my discount code a little go if you'd like to save yourself some money, and make yourself feel less guilty about giving in to yet again more make up products!

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Emma Pearson said...

Sometimes with these things they are pretty but not practical, but I'm glad to see they work well as well. Great review 😄


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