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essential tips for keeping your sanity while at uni

One thing that I've definitely learnt in my 7 or so months so far of uni is just how easy it is to drive yourself insane. Now I'm not one to talk about things like this since I very rarely listen to my own advice, but If I can help one of you then that would make my day! I've decided to write this for some of you that may be in uni, on your way to uni, or just in general find yourself regularly driving yourself insane.

1. Go for a walk.

This first one has proven to be really effective and actually useful for my mind. The simple task of going for a walk. It may sound boring, but the key is to make it interesting. Find a new little place to go for a walk, or even a nice little spot to sit down with a flask of tea. Breathing in some fresh air really is great for your mind, along with giving you some alone time to think.

2. Get out of your room.

If you find yourself staying in your room day in, day out. Then dont. Get yourself out of there. I understand how comfy and cosy and warm that duvet can be and I know its hard, but it becomes isolating for your mind and you end up overthinking EVERYTHING! Go downstairs, even if its just to make yourself a cup of tea (Or if you're anything like me the  it will be SEVERAL cups of tea!) 

You may be having a day where you dont want to talk to anyone at all, and thats okay we all get them so just make your journey into the communal area/kitchen a short one. But make sure you do something and get yourself out of your small room, now I know it sounds simple but it will really help. A change of environment every now and then is really great for your mind. So change it up a bit!

3. Make your room a relaxed environment. 

This one may sound a bit condescending against my last point, but if you decorate your room with simple touches it can really change it up and give it a relaxed feel. And if you have a relaxed environment for a room then you'll find your experience of being in there a much more positive one. Personally I have countless amounts of positive quotes, and some prints pinned up on my wall. (with my personal favourite touch having to be my Leonardo Dicaprio calendar of course!)

4. Find a hobby. 

Yes, now this is a pretty obvious one. I didnt believe the power of hobbies until I started this blog, and I know my content isnt as frequent as I'd like it to be but I use a lot of my time on pinterest searching for blog post ideas and so on. I find that it really does take your mind off of any negative things that may be running through your mind at that point. 

Here are some ideas of what these hobbies could include;
- exercise 
- photography
- writing
- running a blog
- getting a job
- volunteer work
- learning how to play a musical instrument 
- joining clubs/societies
- cooking

5. Do something out of your comfort zone. 

Now if you're close to losing your sanity and are suffering from extreme bordem then go out and do something a little out of your comfort zone. It doesnt have to be something crazy, but something that will make you feel like you've achieved something that day. 

For me personally my two biggest anxieties while at uni are a busy bus and busy places/shops. So when I'm having a bit of a slow day where I am actually driving myself crazy I decide to go on a little adventure to the shops. Now this is nothing crazy at all, but it gives me the ability to then come home and feel really relaxed. Knowing that I've done something a little out of my comfort zone gives me a sense of achievement for that day.

6. Dont be so hard on yourself!!

We all have those days where we overthink absolutely everything and that's cool we're all human but if you are having one of those days try and take your mind off it in some way, make a list in your head of all of the positives in your life, think of all the things that you've achieved, try and rekindle some old friendships to give you some peace of mind, catch up with an old friend. Whatever you do, do not be so hard on yourself. I'm not perfect and neither is anyone on this planet.

If you've made it to this point of the post then I truly thank you for your time and patience and I really hope that maybe even just one of these tips will help one of your gloomy days. 

Let me know what you think of this post, and comment any requested posts that you would like to see!

Thank you, until next time xo


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