Thursday, 16 February 2017

The girl behind the blog and the blog itself!

Now I've been reading up a lot about new blog content, and while I am still at it finding suitable photos and planning other posts I thought I would quickly write this one.

My plan is to give this whole blog a real re-boost, so if you love fashion, photography and lifestyle content then this will be the right place for you! Now I recall one of my first posts was called 'pinafore galore', after you finish reading this one then you might want to go and check that one out. (bow down to the self promo) Now as I'm a student I don't have the largest content budget but the pro's of that is it may be more useful to you than you think, with my ability to help you find fashion and beauty fixes that are within our poor student price range. glamorous, I know.

The one promise I will make to you now is that my content is and will always be 100% my own original content. No copy right, no copycat, just plane and simple original becky elen! I also plan on giving you behind the scenes type blog posts, so if you are thinking about starting a blog but are a little shy and have little knowledge I can hopefully give you the confidence (lets be honest it also gives you the chance to be a little nosy).

Now I do have a few previous posts so if you click on my name at the top of this page, it'll take you to my lovely home page where you can scroll down and check out what interests you! or if you click on this link it'll open it right up in another window!

I am nineteen years old, and currently living in Bristol while attending University of the west of England better known as (UWE). I am studying environmental resource management at the moment (which I simply describe as a fancy geography).

Apart from Geography I am really getting into photography at the moment, well I say just getting into it yet I've loved it since I got a hold on my dads old canon camera. But only now am I realising just what I can do with this passion that I have. Having taken photos at my mums wedding in 2016, and starting 2017 off with a baby photo shoot for a family member. I have so many more things that I'd like to do. From photographing the interesting new city that I live in, to creating plenty more beautiful photos to improve my Instagram and blog content. My favourite thing that I love about photography is that the possibilities are truly endless, technology may move on and develop very quickly but people will always want to look at beautiful photographs. I see them as a way of creating memories. I also really love mermaids..

I love all things fashion and make up, having gotten into make up just at the end of 2016 I am already obsessed. With a job in my second year of uni I am hoping to increase my cute make up collection (partyyyy). I spend most of my time watching make up tutorials on youtube, with the occasional doodling tutorial sneaking in every now and then. I have this fascination with really simple doodles especially those including flowers, this inspiration comes from the surely simple blog. An Instagram page full of creative idea's, art that's kinda cute af! what more could you want! Queue the little picture of my pathetic doodles.

Now that's enough about me, tell me more about you, what are your hobbies, dreams, inspirations etc.. You can also follow me on some more types of social media such as Twitter and Instagram so go and check them out!

I am hoping to be back with a hell of a lot more content in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on my social media platforms for new blogpost announcements. Wow all I'm going to say Is If you stuck with me and made it all the way to the bottom, thank you and I truly do salute you.

Until next time,
Becky xo


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Anonymous said...

I really admire what you're doing - super cute - i wanna be a blogger like you xxx :)


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