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University essentials

Now if you have no interest in university or have finished your education and don't want to ever hear about it again I apologise. But if you are in the process right now of finishing off personal statements, picking courses, interview processes etc then I hope that this will make university shopping a little easier for you.
1. Stationary
Now stationary is the easy thing, but trust me you'll need it. Pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, post it notes, rubbers, sharpies, trust me the list goes on. But if you are doing a non arty subject such as geography, history, law etc you will be writing a lot of notes as these exams are a memory game. If you are like me and are totally and utterly in love with stationary you will know just how exciting this part is. And if you're not in love with stationary, I feel for you.

2. Fairy Lights

Now depending on what university you've ended up at you may not have the prettiest or cosiest accommodation. But trust me the really simple technique of shoving 329567323 sets of fairy lights around your room really does transform it. Not only does it light up your room giving out a relaxed and chilled vibe, but it makes it look insanely cute and cosy. But make sure that you get fairy lights with a plug as the battery ones are a nuisance with a constant need of having to replace the batteries. Along with that you are probably paying a ridiculous amount for your accommodation, so use the s**t out of that electricity before you have to pay your own bills in second year! 

3. Printer

Now a printer sounds like common sense but trust me you'd be surprised at how many people actually do forget about bring printers with them. You will be using it a lot more than you'd first realise, printing off lecture slides to take notes, essays, posters, revision notes, the lot. If you don't have a printer then the only other option is using a friends or to use the universities library facilities but lets be honest with our selves who actually wants the bother of having to walk to the library just to print off say one document, especially if you are living off campus. So simple, invest in a printer.

4. Photos/memories

To make the settling down process just that bit easier bringing photos of old memories to stick up on the walls of your boring and plain room will really help with this. Every time you feel sad, stressed or home sick all you have to do is take a look up a the wall and memories of happy times with the ones you love will come flooding back, bringing a lot of comfort to yourself.

5. An indoor house plant

I'm lucky enough that my uni decided one day to bring a little house plant stall onto campus, and that is where I bought this little cute chap. My very first cactus, Now I must admit although its probably one of the smallest house plants that you can buy it certainly does out a little homely touch within a room. And come on you only need to water it every 2 to 3 months, it's a win win situation.

6. A decent laptop or PC

At university you will be spending a hell of a lot of time on computers and laptops and for that reason taking a good laptop with you is essential! although a PC may give you access to a bigger screen and may cause software to run a bit smoother a small laptop is perfect if you are thinking of taking notes on it during lectures. I personally prefer taking notes on a laptop because if you are a fast typer trust me it save a hell of a lot of time giving you the ability to listen to the lecturer no matter how boring he/she is while typing without thinking about it.

7. A wide variety of clothes

Trust me you will thank me later with this one. There will so many events within the fresher's week alone, that you will need about 32387298379 outfit changes for. Themed nights galore. Not to mention if you live in the uk how quickly the weather can change, warm clothes, cool clothes, fashionably clothes, annoying in between weather clothes, your favourite woolly jumper clothes and lots and lots of pyjamas. As I'd say there's a high chance you won't have a job in the first few weeks, you take advantage of this chance to be comfortable while writing essays and doing research. A comfortable mind is a productive mind, uhhh yeah according to me.

8. Documents

Now I won't speak for too long on this as its a bit of a straight forward one. But documents, you will need things such as;
  • Passport
  • Acceptance letter
  • Bank statement
  • Driving/provisional license
  • Student finance letter
  • Contract papers for your accommodation
The list goes on, but you get the picture. The scary documents that you usually just chuck in your parents way as you have no idea what any of it means.

9. Confidence

Now this will sound a little deep but having confidence in yourself is essential for university life because lets face it, you're going into a world of having to do grown up duties by yourself. I will be completely honest and say that before university I totally lacked confidence in life and in myself, as I am probably one of the most shy and socially awkward people you will ever meet. But when you get chucked into a house with eleven other people you will see your confidence develop because in the most brutally honest way you have no choice. You'll eventually see yourself going from that shy person that hid in their room practically all of the first day to someone who will gladly spend the whole day in the communal area sat in their pj's talking to everyone. When you go to uni not only are you experiencing a new city but you are also meeting a hell of a lot of people, house mates, course mates, society mates, random drunken night out mates, friends of random drunken night out mates.. you get the picture. You will develop confidence, and the day that you realise how far you've actually come with believing in yourself it will be the best day ever.

One key thing that I've learnt even in the first semester of being here is do not panic if you don't understand a question or a piece of work, and definitely do not do what I did which was get worked up and end up overthinking about the fact that I was stupid. Because trust me, you are not stupid. You got onto this course for a reason. You got onto it because you smashed your personal statement by showing them that you know your stuff. You smashed those really tricky and intimidating interviews that you had to drag yourself to. You did it.

Most importantly believe in yourself and have confidence.
(motivational speech over, and breathe)

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