Thursday, 24 November 2016

I am back!

Okay so I've realised that its been a hella long time since I've sat down and written a blog post, and I apologise for that. Now i've reached a point where I've realised that I genuinely love writing blogs, and taking beautiful pictures.. and so I've decided to get my life together and start it all up again properly ah!

I am currently in the middle of planning a few blog posts that I will be writing in the next few weeks, so please hang in there I will have some decent things to post soon! As I'm at university and have so luckily had the chance to move away into a beautiful city, I must admit I have ben slightly distracted by so many new things. New friends, new lecturers, and actually managing to find my way around this place! Now the whole university environment is completely different to school, so it's taken me a while to settle in and get used to it all, but I think I'm ready to make a re-appearance in the blogging world!

Hopefully I'll be writing some room/accommodation tour content, More beauty and fashion posts, some city posts, and as its the right time of the year.. a few festive posts! Who doesn't love Christmas eh? So if anybody is actually reading this, All I'd like to say is thank you I shall have some more interesting content up very very soon I promise!

Signing off,
becky x


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