Thursday, 28 April 2016

A quick introduction

So hey, I've been meaning to do this for a while and I am finally getting round to doing it. So, here goes my first blog post. This is just an introduction for what could possibly be my official blog, how excitiiingg!

Okay, lets get all the boring stuff out of the way.. My name is Rebeca (yes, spelt with one C), but lets be honest people usually just call me Becky. Make's my life a lot easier. I am nineteen, and from Wales in the UK. Studying Geography in sixth form, to go onto studying environmental resource management in university. ooohh fancy!

I am a lover of fashion, photography, greenpeace, geography and so much more. And I am hoping to share a little of my photography on some blog's, a few DIY things if  have the motivation to actually make some stuff. But I should be doing some DIY stuff nearer the time of when I go to uni.

Youtube you ask? Hmm I'm not too sure how I stand on the whole youtube thing at the moment. I think I''ll stick to this  for the minute as I'm kinda terrified of the thought of posting a video with my face and my voice, and uhhh I just don't know. I think over the next few months i shall be filming little bits such as prep for university, exams etc and if I have a crazy brave moment then yeah I'll post it!

So i''ll stop going on and on now and finish up this little attempt of an introduction hehe, I promise they will get better! Thank you my loves for reading xo



Anonymous said...

Should totally do Youtube

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so nice, I'm glad I found you through Instagram :) I've got a blog over at and would be grateful if you could check it out!
I think YouTube would be a great idea, I'm thinking about starting doing it myself :)
Best wishes,
- Jasmine x


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